Button sounds....how to make them quit

Quick question im hoping someone can answer…
on the site im creating, i have a few button, all of them with sound attached.
The problem is, you poll over the button and it plays, roll over another button and it plays over top of the other sound…if this is continued, the sounds get all combined together.
What i am looking info for, is when you roll over one button, and it plays…when you go and rollover to another button, i would like the first sound to stop, but play the new rollover’s sound…so there is no over lapping.

thanks in advance

Look in the help section under “stop all sounds” or “sound”… and see what the command for stoping all sounds in your movie is. It might give you some insite. I’m too unfamiliar with flash 4.0 these days to figure this out… but that’s one of the commands I use to clear up sounds before I start any new ones.

Another thing you might consider is this; You didn’t really give enough information so I am trying in the dark here. But remember, people don’t get as big a kick out of a lot of noise and distraction as we do in discovering that we can do that. First it is not really important to have sounds on a rollover. The purpose of sound is really extravagent but it should let the user know that something happened, all which can be done with sound. But in choosing sounds for buttons you should make sure they are extremely short, small and distinct. In other words, the sound should be long gone before they even have time to get to the next button. I use the plastic switch and am looking for something smaller and shorter, once I master my Fruity Loops program I will have all I need. I remember a person who when discovering how to do this had this sound on his mouse clicks; “I really have never seen anything like this before” in his own voice. It was stupid and it really took away from some of his great work on the site. I hope this helped a little.