How to stop Movieclip of gun with actionscript!?

Hi Everyone,

I am fairly new on wich i think is a great resource for the flash/macromedia community, i am a Graphic Designer from The Netherlands and a beginner/intermediate user of Flash MX, at the moment i am working on personal site for animated short film in Flash MX, i’ve got a gun as the navigation structure that fires bullets when users click on the buttons those small bullets turn into big bullets to load external .swf content into, however i want to do animation of a gunclip sliding into the gun before user can navigate.

Making the animation i’ve converted part of the gun into a Movieclip and made simple animation of bullets sliding into gun, but when i use the actionscript (stop;) the animation keeps repeating (loop).

My question : “How do i stop the Movieclip animation from repeating using actionscript (stop; ?)”

Take Care! :wink: