How to structure site?

I have a movie clip as a placeholder for content on my site. When different buttons are clicked it loads new movies into the placeholder. But for a split second whilst it loads there is nothing there. I don’t want to use a preload sequence. I want the old image to display until the new one has loaded. How do I do this?

Or, how can I load a single frame on demand at a time?

Ah the joys of flash …

two possible workarounds are


Have a neutral background for all of your swfs and load through this background.

Load the swf into a holder off screen and when it’s loaded reposition it on screen by manipulation the _x and _y coords.

You’ll need 2 holders, an if() clause to determine which is on screen so you can load into the MC that’s off screen and getBytesLoaded()/getBytesTotal() loop.

Also if both MCs are on the same layer you can use swapDepths to ensure the loaded movie is always in front of the present movie