How to use fuse_kit in a static class?

My class file:

class ShapeFlash_Test {
	// needs fuse kit via "#include """
	public static function doFlash(targetClip:MovieClip):Void{
		targetClip.f = new Fuse(
		 {start_x:100, x:400 ,ease:'easeInOutQuint', seconds:.3}
		) = targetClip;

My test file:

#include ""

the file ‘’ is in the same directory as both files, and the fuse directory ‘com’ is also in the same directory.

But i get an error saying “Line 5: There is no method with the name ‘Fuse’.
targetClip.f = new Fuse(”.

Maybe im going about this all wrong, anyone know how i can use the fuse capabilities inside a static class?