How to

i have downloaded a text box with a scroll bar but how do i incert it on my site?

is your mainpage a flash movie or do you mean an html document?

if it’s a flash movie just drag it onto the stage

if it’s an html document then you need to export the flash movie, and create an html document with the flash movie on it.

be more specific

its a flash file but i am not sure how to add it to my main page


if you downloaded a component then you have to install it using macromedia’s extension manager … available for download at but you really should just follow the tutorial that lostinbeta gave you a link to on your last post.

the tutorial is just a few easy steps. have you read the tutorial?

you said you downloaded a flash file ((i just re-read your post to see if i can understand better what you’re asking since you keep doing this one line thing)) if you have a flash file then you can highlight the frames in it right click on them then select copy frames. go to the movie you want it to be in select the frames there (with the appropriate number of layers) and right click and select past frames. you may have to change the paths in the code a little bit … but you should try that.