How would i get started mimicing a site like this

the only aspects i want to copy is the way that the pictures load onto the scene and the way that they go away when the next set is picked by the user and of course their usasge of php and (i assume) a sql database.

here is what i am assuming -

the movie is a few parts, main moive then the swf that loads the outline of the thumbnails (sorta like a place holder) and maybe and swf that loads the actual thumbnail picture.

the second swf gathers the data from the database, pic name, number etc

i would use the loadmovie() to load an swf and in that swf i would use it again to load the thumbs. (but when i use loadmoive() for a nonprogressive jpeg, it loads the upper left corner in the center of the file, any way around that?)

i know this is a serverside question but maybe you could point me in the right direction; the second swf(placeholder) has an animation that does the scrolling in and out effect, i understand how that could be done, but how would it be made so that it is coded once but filled iwth different information when different links are clicked? understand all that?


i see that there is a lot to that site but im sure with a little understanding it could be broken down into smaller digestable parts.