How would i get this to work? this menu?

Okay, I want this to work…and can’t grasp how…


simple version. This is the rustic and primitive way of doing it, but it will give you a general idea.

first, create all your buttons.

put all your submenu buttons inside a movie clip. Let’s call it slider.

Now, make a new movie clip (call it submenu1). Inside the new movie clip, you’re going to create a motion tween of the movie clip slider. So, frame 1 will be slider, just sitting there… frame 15 will be slider in a lower position. Create your motion tween.

Back to the main stage.

On the main stage you will have your menu button. Menu button and slider are about the same width, of course.

Create two more layers

from the top you should have the layer that has your main button.

A layer which I’ll explain in a minute

the layer that has the mc called submenu1.

You want the bottom of submenu1 to line up with the bottom of your main button. I know you can see the whole thing… just stay with me. Test your animation.

Okay… go back to the tween of submenu1. On the first frame add a stop(); in the actions panel. This will keep your sliding menu from just sliding automatically.

pant, pant…

back to the main stage. Test the movie.

Now submenu1 doesnt just play automatically. Great. Let’s make it play when we click on our menu button.

right-click on the menu button and select actions

enter these actions for the menu button (make sure you’re in expert mode)


whew… go back to the main stage. Test your movie. Working? Good!

Okay… it is obvious that you dont want to see slide menu slide down… the magic is just not there.

Go to the middle layer, or second from the top. Draw a square that is the same color as the rest of your movie. Draw that square so it covers the submenu1 movie. The stacking order will give it that look that you want.

NOTE!!*** This is NOT the best way. It is just a way for you to try until you’re comfortable, and it is all I was willing to type.

I just typed away, too… so I did not test it… if I screwed up, let me know and I’ll try to attach a quick file or something.