How'd he do it?

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bottom-right corner that animated circle…i’ve been trying to copy it…but it didnt work.

looks to me like a tweened circle… :slight_smile:

hey ya3, that music, is that homemade? I love that! :love:

It’s a nice site, but is something wrong with my browser or don’t any of the things show up when you click them (like the 3D models and such)?

yah…same happend to me…

Eilsoe-but how did he tween it? [i’m bad at copying ppls work…]

well first of all, you shouldn’t copy others work… unless it’s strictly for educational use.

it is…i want to learn all sorts of smaller visual effects…so that i can create my own later on.:cap:

LoL… wow… that animation is cake man… all it is motion tweens…

Looks like his first few frames are the middle circle itself causing the delay, then the middle circle shrinks… when it’s shrinking the outter ring fades in and enlarges and it repeats.

Should’ve just asked him he’s on this board. These are like the very first tweens you learn in Flash, if you don’t know them you should look back at your user guide and learn it.


what circle…??

DDD , bottom right (in about ya3 section) under Awards, circle flashing.

as for the effect, very simple, do what simplistik said. :slight_smile:

you go tto be kidding…just a I was looking for some way out effects. But I do have a question. How is the organic like move ment done on the transitions between sections (the bubble filling up)? I know it is a tween of some sort but how do you tween like that?

hehe, yeah i know :sigh:

**DDD **the transitions effect :: i would think its a shape tween with control hint points.

+plus a mask for its content(the bubbly stuff)

or … it could be a mc with the all that bubbly stuff in the mc, then have a mask layer for that mc, in which the mask is animated, revealing the mc.

Nah, I don’t think there is any masking at all… I replicated it. Instead of ring fading in on enlarging I think it fades out, when I tried a fade in it didn’t look right, did a fade out it looked right. So basically the frames go like…

f1-2 Static Circle no ring
f3-6 100% Circle to 80% and Ring (same size as circle) 100% - 110% + Fade out.
f7-10 is the same as f3-6 to make it pulsate 2 times then stop when it repeats.

Frame rate is around 20 so I could match his speed.

I don’t think he uses masks… although I could be wrong.

simplistik,can you please show me the .fla? [for educational purposes]

LoL, I think I’ve explained it well enough to be able to replicate it.

yeah i know the animation for the circle, i was talking about the preloader for the transitions, DDD ask that question…:stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe, d’oh

how do you make it static?

? static circle was refering to a circle not moving or being animated. (one spot)

— ruski, try the flash animation tutorials here at kirupa. they will help you understand the terms and how to do stuff… this effect is really very basic.