How'd they do that?

I came across’s website via the greatly respected tuturial poster Voetsjoeba.

…my question is does anyone know how maxdefinition takes a square object and then bend it and manipulate it? For example you’ll notice on their site that when you go to portfolio from the home page that the square box in the center will contort and become a new shape? Is this done dyanmically? Or is it really two different shapes that they are tweening together somehow?

Anyway, awesome site maxdefinition!

Thanx for your thoughts anyone!


i saw a tutorial at flashkit on morphing one object to another, but i could never get it to work for me. Im a nivice flasher lol;)

Hi guys, To answer your question- It took me a while but its just some fancy motion tweening, frame by frame animation, and masking (The secret is to make the shape always return to its original state – in this case a box-- before moving to the next phase of the animation). Do some experiments , youll figure it out…

Thanks for the compliments. Ciao Pixi

Hi pixi, great site. Does it add a lot of file size by doing it frame be frame animation. If so, how do you manage to make your site run fast and smoothly. What is your FPS set at. thanks in advance.

no I tend to re-use a lot of things to make it lighter - eg make 1 corner MC and use it 4 times…

There are only maybe 5 frames of “frame by frame” animation, the rest is motion tweens and masks. The movie is running at 35 FPS, and you will find if you load movies in to movies it makes the whole thing rather smooth… eg make a main movie > load a page movie into it > and then load the data into the page movie ( text and images)

Flash does a great job of keeping optimum performance and loading times staggered across all the children of the parent movie.

hope this helps ? Pixi.

great site! I like how fluid it is… Im a novice at flash as well and just was wondering if you could give me a tip how you made the part of your banner with the mouse pointer finger that comes in and seems to drag the text off the screen. Is that like a movie clip that you just animated or is that like a recording of you actually doing it? Im sorry if this is a stupid question but its the only way ill learn :wink:


thanks for the heads up pixi

Gupps - no prob . Have fun mate. GaryZero - Its just an animation using a motion tween and motion guide - the motion guid is simply a line / curve and both the hand cursor and text is attached to it. play around with motion guides they’re a lot of fun. ( using easing in a tween also creates great FX of zooming in and out) – hope that helps. YHappy Flashing. pix. is that the site? cuz its broken…

almost try

thats where i got the broken site…

Good Day to all!

I’m glad that everyone knows a little something about something in regards to this subject because this will be my first time diving into Flash.

In fact, I’m so new to Flash that I should take out the installation disc before I begin.


I’ve only taken one semester of Flash Fundementals and HTML last semester and while I have plenty of ideas for websites, I lack the knowledge and experience to put them into motion.

Yada, yada, yada.

Now, as for the “organic/elastic/growing/morphing” techniques used; I get the FPS part, the more the smoother (I’m a novice video editor), but the whole motion tween and “frame by frame” animation thing is a mystery.

One corner movie clip?

Can either of you (or anyone else) break it down for a newbie?

Just so were on the same sheet of code (ha, ha), I’ve attached some sites for examples.

MN8 Studio
NY Style Video

Code Media

Hopefully those give you some good examples of what I’m looking to do.

Thank you for your patience and assisitance!


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By the way, someone told me that I should use actionscript since it would be lighter on a sight than using actual objects and frames, is this correct?

Granted I have to learn the in’s and out’s of tweening. The only actionscript I can do is (stop).

Holy cow this was long…!


Hmm ,those sites are great, and I knoew why u like them, well designed, great use of tricks and layout. – First of all thats a tall order for a newbie. Although these sites will help u learn the effects you like and give you a platform on which to work. EG - MN8 Studio - uses a mask ( incorporating a shape tweening movie clip that animates on a motion guide using a motion tween ) - ?? u may say, but read again, I have given you a start - learn about and practice ( Shape tween, motion tween, motion guide, and then add them together in various ways to see the results) – eg make a MClip - inside it make a square shape tween to a circle, then place the MClip u made on the stage and make a motion tween on a path ( motion guide) with the MClip – You have just created the basis of the zooming sperm like effect shown on MN8 site. ( without the masking), then next step learn about masking add that to what youve got etc etc … practice doing this kind of thing and youll be there in no time… Hope it helps Pixi.

Go through the tutourials in macromedia they will tell you what movie clip, button, graphic symbols are.
all I can say is to read through all the tutourials in kirupa and other sites like ultrashock, flashkit, etc. oh and by a book

First, thank you both for your quick response and information.

I know its a tall order, but I like to set some pretty lofty goals, even though I know I have to walk before I can run.

Tweens, motion path, tutorials and samples.

I think I can handle that.

A book is a good idea if there weren’t so many so I’ll hold off on that for a minute, besides, I still have to pay for my books for class. :slight_smile:

Again, thanks.