HTM-What? - How to achive an effect

Ok, I am almost done a friend’s band site, and for the HTML portion (as opposed to FLASH) and for the news area, he wants something like what is here: and I have no clue how to create (what looks like) a form in the middle of the screen.

My simple question is: How?

Thanks in advance.

my friend save that webpage on your computer open it up in dreamweaver you will see this center page that scrolls is a iframe so there you have it they jsut made 1 page with 1 table in the top and 1 row under said table divided into 3 colums and in the center colum the inserted the iframe hope that helps :beam:

They are using an iFrame within a table cell. Take a peek at the source code, that’s how I’ve <strike>stolen</strike> learned some of my best tricks. :}

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I’m sorry rev! But I didn’t know where it belonged! While I am using dreamweaver to make it, it might involve some more advanced scripting!


I did save the file, and looked at it in dreamweaver, but it really didn’t help. I am confused as hell because I don’t know much (if any) HTML. Dreamweaver does all the work. iFrame? I have honestly never heard of them.

Actually, that was the first thing i did, but it made no sense to be because 1: I don’t know HTML, and 2:Of what I did know, I couldn’t find a trace of in there.

i found the answer to my problems. thanks all!

Glad you found your answer.

Dreamweaver is a powerful tool, I’ve been using it since version 1, but I still spend a good portion of my time in code view mode fine tuning things.

My advice, learn HTML upside down and backwards, it will save you time in the long run and you’ll become a better web designer in the process.

Yeah, I’m trying to do that, but can’t get into it. I know a few tags like blockquote, s, b, u, i, a href, and the table one I kinda remember, anyway, where do you recomend i go for tutourials?


WTH tag is that?

I never used any tutorials, I just learned HTML before WYSIWYG. I can now write HTML in my sleep upside down. used to be a popular site, I don’t know of any others. I just used View Source when I saw something I liked and I figured out how they did it. Learn the concepts and you can do anything.

*Originally posted by DigitalPimp *
**…I just used View Source when I saw something I liked and I figured out how they did it. **
Hey! I resemble that remark. :}

I’ll admit that having a Bachelors degree in Computer Science, even one that pre-dates the existance of the World Wide Web, gave me a big head start on learning HTML. However, it’s still just a matter of seeing something you like, looking at the source code, and figuring out how to do it. If you do that enough times eventually you’ll be pretty [edit]darn[/edit] good at HTML.