HTML page as textbox source

How could I create a text box with an HTML page as the source? This way all I would do is edit the HTML page instead of the Flash movie. Similar to i assume. ANy help is appreciated.

I’m barely an intermediate programmer, so I it would take me forever to hack this script out; but conceptually:
As far as being able to embed actual HTML pages - that would be dope, but Flash can read XML.
How about a script that converts HTML to XML on the fly and prints the result to a text file? This would probably be slow and impractical.
OR the simple, built-in approach is to load .txt files formatted in html1.0 - which gives the same effect as in the example site.

The code for this looks like the following:

loadVarsText = new LoadVars();
loadVarsText.onLoad = function(success) {
if (success) {
trace (“done loading”);
text.html = true;
text.htmlText= this.textfield;
} else {
trace (“not loaded”);

So the instance name of your text field is “text” (obviously no quotes) and the first line of your text file is “textfield=”.

Then you simply format your news.txt file using the guidlines here:

The above code was written by “oldnewbie” of the forums :slight_smile: