Showing HTML in Flash via XML


I’ve been working on this site for a while and slowing adding to the complexety as my knowledge grows, but now I’m stuck and can’t see why at all.

I have a dynamic text box in Flash, it’s got the fonts and characters embedded and is set to render as HTML. The text for the box is read in from an XML file.

I basically want to format this text using basic HTML. But when I add the HTML tags into the XML file all I get is the HTML written out as code in the dynamic text box along with my text.

I’m reading the XML file in like this:

theXML.onLoad = function () {
var nodes = this.firstChild.childNodes;
window.easing.title1.text = nodes[0].attributes.title;
window.easing.text1.text = nodes[0].firstChild.nodeValue;

I’ve tried both setting the text I want as an attribute and as a nodevalue.

The XML looks like this:

  <event picture="../images/picture.jpg" title="Title"><![CDATA[This text should <br/> be <b>formatted</b>]]></event>

What am I missing to get this text to display formatted correctly??

Many Thanks