htmlText rotation invisible

i am havinh problem when i click to include htmlText in textboxes. Ok here is what happens:
If i have a dynamic textbox and i rotate it before i start the movie it doesnt show the text. So i fixed it by embedding characters. But now when i try to do the same thing but also include htmlText it doesnt work. This is what happens. If i make a htmlText dynamic textbox and rotate it a bit before the movie starts it wont show the text in it. Can someone help me plz.

if you are using bold,italic etc you need to embed for each.
have a look in the library of this

sorry i am new to flash how do u embed the chars so they are in the library? thanks

click on the top right of the library thing/then on new font/specify fonttype-bold etc/ and then ok. You will see the font in the library,click on it it,linkage and export in first frame.

ok its getting wierd. I tried it in a new movie and it worked, but when i implemented it to my first movie it didnt…Please help

Ok when i did it your way with embedding chars through lib it didnt work… But when i embded it using the characters button in the properties it worked. But it still wont work in my first movie. For some reason when i click htmlText on no text appears. I did the same thing on a new movie file and it worked. Please help.

I embedded both in the library and in the property inspector.
Upload you fla and i`ll fix it for you.

ok the the text on the post-it notes dont work… Its in scene 3 and the name of that post-it note is Post-It Large not post-it. Its Post-It Large

hopefull u will find something. again the problem is in scene 3
And thank you very much.

well you have not enclosed the file you are loading text from, nor do i have the font you are using .Here is substitute

oh oops i am so sorry. I forgot.

ok i dont know how you are doing it but i am trying the same exact thing but its not working. :h: