What do you think?

Looks fine to me. One thing I could suggest would be to cut down the number of different text colours you have on the page.

It’s generally a good idea to stick to two - and you may want to change the orange text to something a little more readable - maybe lighten the background a little? The text in the left navigation bar is pretty much unreadable.


Hey SharpShooter13,
I think that you should cut a little down on the text colors. Also, on numerous areas, your forum was not wide enought to take up the entire screen. I’m on a 19 in monitor @ 1024x768, and the content looks too “smushed” in the center. Try setting the table width to 100%. Besides that I think your site/forum is quite nice.

BTW: Zelda - A Link To The Past is my favorite game ever!

Thanks, I’ll take your comments into consideration!