Huge size!

Hi guys, it’s me again.
Another question. My Flash website will have a sort of gallery of JPGS with the products of the company, right?
The problem is that the original file without those JPGs is already 200K!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!
There’s some cute animaiton in and 4 small JPGS, but that’s too big and I don’t wanna imagine what happens when I add all those JPGs.
What would u do in a situation like this?
I think I did too much drawing, so I got big…donno really.

Use the “optimize” feature of flash
publish each jpg from flash as a separate swf (or use freeware tool jpg2swf -look for it on google), and bring the pics in via loadMovie

oh, thanks man. I’m quite new to Flash and I didn’t know about how to optimize a file.
But I checked in the help file and now my SWF file became 35K (it was 200k before). Good improvement, huh? :smiley:
And thanx for the suggestion about the JPG2SWF software. I found it.