Ways to minimize file size?

As one of my first projests using flash im creating a photo gallery. It consists of about 21 images each of which is also a button - you click each picture to go to the next one. The file size is already around 800kb and I was thinking it would be smaller. Whats the best way to minimize file size when using flash? For mp3 I know you can decrease the kps. I tried decreasing the jpg quality but it didnt seem to make a diffenence…

Thanks for the help!

There are two things you can do…
First off you should optimize your jpegs in your photo editing software first - ie use photoshop to bring down the size of the file BEFORE you import to flash.

Something else to do which will GREATLY reduce your size is to make each picture its own swf file and have it loaded into a container MC. This way only your interface loads, and then each picture loads as the viewer calls it. Also you can then put a preloading progress bar at the begining of each picture swf.

Hope this helps


save them as a .gif the quality is basically the same but its alot smaller or yeah make a swf file for each



Are u using MX?
In MX u can dynamically load JPGs into ur movie, Although if u do it the way Ryal says should be better as u can place a preloader before each of the Images.

U could as well load the JPGs without making them SWFs and use a preloader in the main movie to preload each of them but it’s a bit more complicated.

Have a look to this (if u like, that is), it’s an example of Ryal’s solution I made long ago in Flash4 (click in the ‘SHOW’ button):




If you decreased the quality of the jpg and reimported them in the same fla, it is normal that your fla size doesn’t go down (you have to save under a new name). But your swf size should. Is it the case?

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