Hulk: anyone going to see the midnight showing tonight?

I can’t wait :chinaman:

The Sci Fi channel special just rocked my socks, the range of human emotion portrayed by this character is mightily impressive. It’s not over-the-top cartoony, it’s scarily realistic.

Watching Ang Lee quickly jump around, tearing things apart in a split screen showing Hulk doing the same thing was just phenomenal.

I can’t wait :smiley:


I really wanna go but I have no way of gettin to the theaters:(

I can’t wait to go see it. I am going to wait until a 4:30 pm or 7:00 pm showing. It looks cool, I just wonder how it will really be. I wonder if the story will fit together. I hope it doesn’t lack transition like DareDevil did… :frowning:

IMO, the hulk doesn’t look good enough to go to a midnight show. for one, it’ll probably be packed, plus nighttime tickets are like 2 times more than day tickets. and i just plain dont want to see it.

Went to a midnight showing of The Hulk tonight, and I came away pleased with the film, and absolutely bowled over by the visual effects. Ang Lee has created a visual masterpiece on all counts in this film - from the cinematography, to the editing style, to the CGI, to the action - it’s a smorgasbord of eye-candy.

As a movie, Hulk succeeds, but could have been tightened up. There’s really no reason to beat around the bush on this one. The film works as a drama with very sparse tinges of humor, but during the first 40 minutes you find yourself wanting the story to hurry along at a brisker pace when setting up the characters. To be fair to Ang Lee, I’d probably think about 80% of this has to do with the desire to see the Hulk for the first time. A subsequent viewing should clarify if it’s more the pacing/editing, or if it’s the anticipation for the living rage machine.

Far and away, there are two great actors that carry this film: Jennifer Connelly and the Hulk. Eric Bana does an okay job, but you honestly don’t come away with a true sense of who Bruce Banner is. I knew who Bruce Wayne was when I walked out of Batman. I knew who Peter Parker was when I walked out of Spider-Man. Hell, I knew who Logan was when I walked out of X-Men. Bruce Banner still remains a mystery.

Part of this could be purposeful, as Bruce Banner, as a character in the film, doesn’t even know who he is. His life’s full of repressed memories and a deliberate effort to contain his emotions. From rage, to love, to passion and elation, Bruce keeps his feelings to himself. Unfortunately, we never see this happening - we’re told, and that could be part of how the character fails. It’s an old tenet to show, not tell when it comes to movies. Faced with a film that clocks in at 2:20, the film could have done more to show us Bruce’s life and relations, rather than give us thoughtful scenes of moss growing on rocks.

Nick Nolte is great at times - but sometimes comes across more as a hippie-cum-maniac than a demented scientific genius. During the first half of the film, his character is pretty straight forward, even while his motivations are veiled. By the time you’ve reached his last soliloquy, he’s ranting against the military and government interfering in the lives of every day man and woman.

So now we get to the most heated debate surrounding The Hulk: the Hulk himself.

Hulk is a marvel to behold. Ang Lee had a vision for this character, and it comes shining through nice and bright. For all his bulk, the Hulk is not a lethargic, slow-moving creature - he’s a fast, frenetic ball of rage. His movements, which have continually been erroneously categorized as herky-jerky or “harryhausenesque”, are nothing of the sort. Hulk doesn’t jerk from position to position. It never happens. He quickly moves at unbelievable speeds from position to position. All one need to is watch the effects, and his movements are clearly seen. The green bastard is fast in every aspect of his movment. During each of the actions scenes Hulk is involved in, the energy is palpable, it’s tangible, it’s coursing through the audience in a wave of excitement. Lee succeeds amazingly well in his vision, because you feel the Hulk.

For all his rage, however, Hulk is not a monster. More reminiscent of Quasimoto than Mr. Hyde, Hulk is a sad, tragic figure, simply looking for his lost love who’s continually snatched from his grasp. In this fable, beauty tames the beast.

Hulk drips emotion, from sadness and longing to rage and bewilderment. During the movie, I found I had to keep reminding myself to pay attention to the CGI as an accomplishment in CGI, because I continually just thought of Hulk as another actor in the story. He may be big, green, and computer generated, but he becomes as real as Nick Nolte or Jennifer Connelly.

Focusing just on the CGI as CGI, however, Hulk is just too **** cool. The lighting is spot-on, his movements are fluid, the musculature extremely natural, and the detail fom his face to his pants is noticeable. Yes, for those who are wondering, his pants are explained quite well, and the scenes we’ve all seen before of them looking formless are fixed in the final film. They have form, they have proper fold lines, and you can even see the band of elastic around his waist.

Not everything is perfect in the CGI. There are a couple of shots where Hulk looks more blank than contemplative in his stares, and a particular shot in the desert featuring a few sand dunes isn’t seamless. But these complaints are few and far between, and are more than acceptable.

Hands down, for my money, while the CGI looked marvelous from start to finish, a particular scene where Hulk is on the back of a fighter jet as it roars into the upper atmosphere stands out as some of the most lifelike, infallible CGI that’s ever been created. The shot is only his face, but it’s so natural, so real, so true that it’s almost jarring in its execution.

Is Hulk better than Gollum? Depends on who you ask. My wife thinks he is, I think he’s on the same level. Because in the end, the goal is to make you forget it’s CGI, and cause you to see the character as a part of the story. Hulk and Gollum both achieve this extremely well.

To wrap it up, I found the ending to be slightly drawn out, and that the end result with Nick Nolte’s character is confusing. Even to me, who knows the details, and how it ties into the comics. For many, this could simply go right over their heads. I’m still trying to figure out exactly what happened.

In the end, Hulk is a wonderful film, which has a completely different feel than any comic book movie ever made. Perhaps any film made period, especially when you think about the “big monster” genre.

8.5 out of 10

what about the music? do they have the “walking down the highway trying to hitch a ride” end sequence music?!?! THEY HAVE TO HAVE THE MUSIC! :crazy:


Saw the Hulk. Much, Much, better than I thought it would be.

Didnt care for the ending, for it was a bit much and a huge mix of stories… was that Metamorphosis? (I dont even remember if that was his real name)… any way… good movie.

Saw it tonight… it was better than I thought but still not good. It was very laughable and everyone in the theater knew it. Jokes started flying about a half hour in… the best coming from the “brother dying first” - note all the white guys in the smashed tanks and helicopters live, but the black guy which nick nolte pummeled surely didnt make it.

The ‘comic-book style’ was interesting but way over-done and just became annoying, as were the off-key camera shots and disconjunction there.

The music was fine for the most part - nothing too displeasing or stupendous for that matter - aside from that yodeling jungle music they managed to throw in there in like 3 or 4 places which didnt really seem to fit in IMHO.

I dont remember enough about the hulk and its origins to make any comments on whether or not the movie did justice there, so I wont… mention…it… moving on

The best part of the movie was the special effects. When they were on they were most impressive (if not at times in laughable circumstances) and I feel they did a great job with the CG Hulk. I think a lot of that comes from not having to worry about dissappointment due to poor lip-sync - a common problem with CG chars (Final Fantasy is a good example).

All in all, though, I did have a good time - mostly because of the wisecracks of the comedians in the audience; had two in my group as well (not counting myself) so that was amusing.

it was a great movie.
special effects and thematic comic style were just what i wanted and expected. well worth seeing. well worth it.

oh, and WOW to the 3d work, especially when he was in the friggin sand!