Spiderman, spiderman.. does whatever a spider can

… I just saw it today…

Perhaps it’s the fact that Sam Raimi directed this…
perhaps it’s the fact that I’ve been reading spiderman for 20 odd years now…
perhaps it’s the fact that he’s always been one of my favorite comic characters…

I think this is the best movie I’ve ever seen.

I’m very critical mind you… I always judge everything from 1 to 9 just because you never know when something will come around that’s better…and I hate going to 11 on a 1 to 10 scale. This movie has finaly achieved my number 10 slot.

If you don’t go see it in the theatres, you’re a foolish foolsih person.


We have yet one more thang in common…You got my Spidey senses tingling.

who is taking your advice to see the movie at the theatre

Whats Spidermans phavorite game to play? 8 ball!

Can I remind you that S-Man comes out in France in 1 month ? :frowning:

pom 0]

avec kazaa tu trouves tous les films en divx des qu’ils sortent…tu veux quoi? :wink:


Methinks you guys are talking in phrench trying to hide stuff round here…
Have either of you ever been or are you currently belongng to any Communist party afilliates or associatted with Le Penn or his organization?? Quit with the mumbo jumbo second world languages around here. This is an English board…(Said like Homer Simpson) Doh! :lol:

azveeder dan

Je pense pas que tu puisses trouver Spiderman maintenant quand même.

pom 0]

Oui, on peuvait le trouver même en avant que c’était arrivé au theatre.

Anyway, I saw Spiderman and while it was a good movie I wouldn’t give it 10 on 10.

I mean, the casting was pretty well perfect (except maybe Kristen Dunst as Mary Jane. She was good, but she wasn’t the PERFECT Mary Jane… Not like the way Toby McGuire was the perfect Peter Parker…), and the web slinging was mind blowing, but I’d still only give it about 7.5.

First of all, the dialogue was average at best. It wasn’t bad like Scorpion King or anything like that, but it was only “comic book movie” good. It was only what I expected. Again, still good, but to get a 10 out of 10 with me you need something along the lines of American Beauty or Fight Club. Spider Man was mostly just corny crap like: “You know who I am! Your friendly neighbourhood Spider Man!” (God, Mary Jane fell in love with THAT loser?).

Well, actually, that’s not true. It was GOOD dialogue, it just wasn’t exceptional dialogue.

But the real problem is essentially how I viewed it. Instead of watching from the perspective of a modern man, I viewed it the way my kids and their kids will view this movie, and it basically became Godzilla.

The first most obvious reason in The Green Goblin’s costume. He looked about as silly as Sauron did in Lord Of The Rings when he was dancing around in front of the volcano making the one ring. People are going to watch movies from this era and classify us as lovers of really dumb looking villans.

The problem I’m sure less people noticed, though, (in fact I’ve heard others say the exact opposite) is that they’re so “in your face” about the special effects that really aren’t that good - from a futuristic point of view, that is. They’re about as good as we can get today, but 10 to 20 years from now they’ll be a joke.

By this I mean that it was obvious whenever they went in to CG. In my opinion, anyway. It struck me that the directory saw Final Fantasy and said, “Hey, we don’t even NEED stunt men anymore! We’ll just make our actors randomly turn 3d!”. Simply put, he was wrong. I realise that it would be opposible to make without the CG, but whatever. Godzilla was impossible to make without action figures.

Of course, I’m just nitpicking the smallest most insignificant problems because Upuat’s already praised it to the heavens. In reality I think it was a good movie and would probably see it again - 7.5 out of 10, as I said. Just saying that it’s not perfect.

But, again, I probably would have liked it 10X more if I hadn’t looked at it from a futurist point of view. I ruined the movie for myself the way you’d ruin a movie by constantly predicting what’s going to happen next, except with 10X more ruining power.

no, you can’t find spider-man on divx…yet. i haven’t found one yet, but soon there will be, give about 3 more days, there’ll be a movie out there. but honestly, i think you should go see it rather than download it. one month is a long time, but just think how we felt a month ago. :slight_smile: it’ll come, they’re prolly still dubbing the movie.

I know someone who claims he downloaded Spiderman before it came out… I dunno, it’s possible he was lying, I don’t know him that well, but it’s allegedly possible.

Upon further investigation, there’s a small army of them on Kazaa. It’s more than available on DivX.

download them. How many of them are actually Spider man. I tried to download K-pax (don’t ask) and I got Joy Ride instead, so you don’t always get what you downloaded.

As a big Spiderman fan, I went in the theater skeptical.

I mean, let’s face it, the costume, the web-slinging, the villains…this was never going to be an easy movie to make.

Well, I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. This is the best comic book film since Batman by far (the first Batman mind you) although X-Men was pretty good.

I loved it but I think if I would have gone in with big expectations, I would just think it was so-so.

It’s about time Marvel started making a live-action superhero production that wasn’t so “real.” Can’t wait for The Incredible Hulk and Daredevil!

Marvel rules.



i have a question, how come spider-man was’nt on the justice league or was it justice squad? whatever, spider-man was with marvel comics right so why was’nt he on the justice thingy i mean fo god sakes they had the guy that ran fast(what kind of super power is that ?) was he just to hard to animate or what? and isi’nt that the words from the spider man theme song (spiderman, spiderman… does whatever he can…)

Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can…


Justice league was DC… Spiderman was Marvel.

My reasons for a 10 are simple.

Marvel [email protected]#%s up it’s stuff. They sell it off to who ever wants to make it and then that production company changes things for the sake of the audience that they are selling it too. This was not so with Spiderman… If you’ve read the origional comic… then you’re not going to see anything that you weren’t expecting, except the web shooters. Other than that, it’s 100% from the comic book.

That will do a lot to carry a movie into the ranks of greatness in my mind. It had some cheezy dialogue because it’s a comic book movie… and comic books have cheezy dialogue. :slight_smile:

One thing to notice is that they took EVERY cool pose from the comic and put it in the movie…as well as many of the tricky uses for his webing that he kind of discovers along the way of becoming a hero. They even had the CLASIC upside down kiss with the half mask. After the big fight scene his costume is shreaded. Every one of those things is direct from the comic.

So… I stand by my ten. As a fan, It has become one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. This will obviously not be so for everyone… but NO ONE will be disapointed when they see it, even if they don’t give it as high marks as I do.

Went and saw it again this afternoon. It was even better the second time. I’ll be going a third too. This in itself says something. I see MAYBE one movie a year in the theaters… and the last time I saw the same movie more than once was ET… that was a long [email protected]#$ing time ago. Granted… this year I have many things to see in the theatre… “Minority Report”, “MIB II”, and of course “SW episode II” all are kind of must see’s for me…(In the fall we will have another LOR to look forward to as well.) But truthfuly, I see about one a year. Spiderman is awesome and I’ll keep seeing it again and again till they take it out of the theatre.

I went to see Spiderman yesterday and I really wish I could provide some kind of meaningful input on this thread but I can’t because of an unruly little boy who kept shouting from the top of the stairs to the foot of the stairs, shouting, screaming randomly, dancing in my face and his oblivious parents who made no attempt to control him (even when we mad-dogged him and reprimanded him for not keep his kid at home and destroying our movie-going experience). Bastard!

Anyway, I don’t know much about comic-book Spiderman, but I love Tobey McGuire and I love Kirsten Dunst so I was dying to see this movie. From what little I did get of it (again, thanks stupid little boy, I really wanted to hurl you from the balcony) I loved it! I liked that Peter Parker, while he’s the super hero, he’s not super perfect. They didn’t cast some runway model type of a guy for the role and we weren’t expected to believe that a guy with a chiseled body was supposed to be a dweeb - basically everything Smallville is NOT.

You should have brought a stick. To quote Upu:

“Beat the babies with a stick”

And after you have delivered that fatal beating, administer another fatal beating unto the father of the child, and then go thru his wallet for Identification, find his family and beat them as well.

PS: Take the money out of the wallet too.

Well in defense of smallville… superboy was not suposed to be the dweeb that peterparker was. He was meant to be super goody two shoes and very shy. It’s a different kind of dweeb. They don’t do it perfect on that show… but they are really pretty close.

Don’t get me wrong, I actually enjoy watching Smallville. Ok, I stand corrected, maybe young Clark isn’t supposed to be the uber geek that Peter was - but he’s definitely supposed to be the weirdo that all the popular kids picked on (they did make him the scarecrow in the first episode). Now after looking at that model that plays Clark - not really the counter-culture weirdo don’t you think?