Flash play very slow

my friends and I work on the same flash. when we put our stuff together and test play the flash, it is not smooth. we did everything in vector but our flash is about 150 Kb. it is not a game. it is just an animation. publish setting seems ok. what should we concern about? btw, fps is set on 12.:hair: :-\ :*(

Definitely up the frames per second. Go to about 32 or so. You can go faster as well, but I find little reason to.

When doing a test of the movie, choose menu option “View/Bandwidth Profiler”. It shows where the biggest bogs in the movie are, size wise. Normaly this wont matter too much, but if the majority of the load is in the first frame, it can cause major slow down in a streaming load.

Most importantly I supose is to look at how many things are moving at one time, and how many of those have an alpha setting of less than 100. The processor has the toughest time with many alpha’s moving at once. Limit the number of them and you might buy some smoothing to the movie.

Setting the frame rate to 24 gets you about the same quality as TV. if you want smoother animation that that set it higher. Just a warning if you go over 60, it will not display properly on some PCs, if they have a lower refresh rate set. =)


Thank you for all helps…

we will use your advices to improve our newbie flash.

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from i_h8_perky, shortertail, and nonno

PS we are open for more advices, :+)