Humble attempts at art

This is the first time that I have actually had a chance to sit down and use my WACOM since I bought it in MAY!! Actually, this is the first thing that I have actually drawn in a very very long time. Oh, well. Have a look see and tell me what you think… it just started out as a few lines on the canvas and it evolved into this, its not finished but I’m done for now cuz my arms are starting to hurt. :slight_smile:

<img src=‘’ height=364 width=512>

I gotta get me a wacom…

great picture jubba u are a very talented artist!

now just so i get this straight - a WACOM is the thing you use to actually “draw” on the computer - as in, not using a mouse to draw but an actual pen/brush/drawing utensil/spoon hehe


ummmm if so, how much do they go for?

that’s the one I want.

I need a wheel pen too to simlulate an airbrush…

Jubba… that’s fine. You should see my first attempt with painter clasic.

not bad bro. nice choice of colors :slight_smile:

David, why are you thinking so small? This is the one that I want:


**** that one can be taken off to use in oyur lap!
f***in cool

soooooooooo expenisve

$3,499 US!!!

So much for my dreams of getting a Wacom :frowning:

Thats just for that one tho, thats top of the line…the basic model is 99.99 i think…something like that. Thats the one that i have…

Wow, thats not bad. I guess it is a good start:) Now I just have to save up for that too.

The Cintiq looks amazing but after reading reviews and comparisons - it seems to me that the Intuos is more powerful as a drawing tool. Sure, you might be required to have a little more hand-eye coordination, but the Intuos is my choice. I have the 6x8… got the smaller one because I have short arms and anything bigger would hinder more than help. $300+ is a pretty reasonable price for such a great tool and I’ve never regret the purchase. The $99 for the Graphire, even though it is smaller and a tad less sensitive, is a great purchase as well.

Anyway, what am I talking about? Jubbs, your painting looks marvelous! I’m particularly fond of the brush strokes simulating the texture of the feathers. I also like the green branches which create a nice contrast amidst the blue. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

Hey, that’s very nice Jubba! I didn’t know you could draw ?!? [SIZE=1]well, actually I knew it, now that I think of it. You posted some drawing of yours a long long time ago… On the old forum I think…[/SIZE]