I accidentally learned C++ (or C...or Both!)

These online tutorials are dangerously effective :stuck_out_tongue:

(Thanks to the awesome hackertyper.net)

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Turns out it might be C code? I guess I learned two languages!!!

You could of started learning in 2011, much to catch up on K-man.

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Too bad you didn’t learn COBOL.

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^ The 60-year-old computer language still powers some government office technology.

I thought after reading that it was gonna talk about Win XP. :joy:

I read about the Cobol problem a few days ago and looked at some online tutorials. It is definitely very different looking than the modern languages I have seen over the years! :robot:

I’ve never used COBOL before, but of the examples I’ve seen, I remember it feeling almost SQL like at times. Should be easy enough to pick up for a side hustle, right? … :grimacing:

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