I am beginning to hate my site

Hello boys and girls
After months of struggling with this site (my first) i think im almost there.
i could write a very long and very tedious book about my experiences doing it, but chances are if you have ever tried doing a Flash site on your own then you will already know the story.

ANYWAY… here it is. i have one little question though :
this morning i placed the “credit” button at the bottom. the cursor turns to a hand when it rolls over it. i dont want the hand because it confuses you into making a click.

so, does anyone know the code to avoid the hand sign ? or is there another way around it
OH YEAH : also, if i decide to keep the hand, what is the command i write in the URL link to direct the click to make an Email, i think it begins with “mail to…”

thanks anyway and have a great night !