I Am Drunk


I am tankend…

I went to the knickerbocker in Lowel for a few hours with some people that were layed off from my company and woun dup at the chineese food resteraunt near my house, drinking fog cutters, and mit tia’s…

I am officially tapped


I took the day off from work today and figured I would see what was going on here.

I had totally forgotten about this post.

I am not hung today I drak a ton of water before I went to bed…


lol:bandit: :cyclops: :cyclops: :cyclops:

No way! I was tanked last night… it was bad. 8 games of beer-pong and 4 funnels. Drank about 15-18 beers in 2.5 hours. I was set for the night. Drank almost a gallon of water before i went to sleep… woke up nice and refresehd. :slight_smile:

holy crap thats alot of drinking!!:stunned:

what’s beer pong?

i saw it being done before. its a crazy game. i dont remember much of it though.:beam:

1/4 bottle of vodka here. a few weekends ago. plus strip jopint. nice combo…wait where the hell is my money!

Beer-pong is also called Beiruit… it really depends on where you are from. The rules also vary greatly from region to region, or even building to building.

Basically you have 10-16 cups arranged like bowling pins filled 1/4 to 1/2 way w/ beer. Then you have a Ping Pong ball and each team (of two) takes turns throwing their ball into the other teams cups. If a ball goes in the cup that team has to drink the beer in the cup.

i know people that play with huge plastic cups. i think thats the real way=)

It’s a pretty wild game…

We have to boucne it first into a cup… Not just throw it in…

But the cup theory is right… SOme people just use one cup others use more… We like to do the bullseye…

9 cups…

1 in middle… 3/4 full
4 east, west, north south… 1/2 full
4 northeast, northwest, southeast, southwest… 1/4 full…

It’s alot smoother and better that way… And it goes fats and you get drunk while having fun too… hehe

Yeah. We use big cups filled up about half way. Some people use a quarter instead of a ball, or a bottle cap. We have played tequilla pong a few times. I don’t recommend that. Its a bad idea. Black-out central.

We play Bop It Extreme drinking games.

Hilarity ensues.

its a good idea if you want to get to sleep fast. but we have the ping pong table down stairs.:beam:

lol Thats awesome RenniGirl! lol

if i played that i would black out in 2 minutes. haha:beam:



AHHHH!!! throws it out the window

That’s better… :slight_smile: hehe

catches a noise making thing that seems to of flown out a window. gets really annoyed and throws it in front of car=)


20 points for the assist… does a victory dance