I am from arab came to here

hi girl

i frend , i worked some flash part

but wer the my frend , be help me

no on

this section


ok…bay bay

What’s this joke?
No way i’m gonna click on that link!

I have a friend from india… He speaks better english than half my USA buddies… You’re full of shnit. Goes for any area of the world… People can type decent no matter how much english is know usually.

Well, lots of major indian cities were english colonies, so maybe that’s why…

I pressed on that link and it was a 404. I think it was not a joke, just very poor english. I looked in the address bar and his site is a flash site but not properly set up. I sincerely think they need help.


lol oops…

buuuuut… You don’t say I came from arab. Sorry. You know where you lived.

Plus foreigners usually dont use words like ‘to’ and ‘from’ … they are the hardest to learn and usually last.

I know this guy, he’s a chinaman. His name is How Long. And he speaks and writes better than that. Maybe Mehoo is right.

Sin Seer Li,

Come on people…let’s not speculate if his English is fake or real :slight_smile: Here is his link: mypage.ayna.com/joferf/mimiZ.swf The SWF/FLA code was added to his ezboard post, so the animation was not displaying properly.

Jafer, I think the animation is not too bad. It scaled too much on my browser (because it is a link to an SWF file directly). Maybe you can try putting it in a HTML file and scaling it properly. It might help us to more clearly see your animation.

Aha! Call me sherlock. Everyones too suspicous these days. :wink:


thank all of

I say i am from Saudi Arabia … ok

but i need some help to give me swish part to here .

i not write english good , but i to try write .

this my swish part

[FL=http://mypage.ayna.com/joferf/mimiZ.swf] width = 298 height = 259 [/FL]

and thankyou agine .

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