I am in a muddle about this preloader

please someone help me. i am stuck. i have a movie that is 1 frame long. all actions, attachments and so on happen on that 1 frame. everything is loaded into _level0. i need a preloader for the movie. the preloaders i have used all show when 90% of the movie has already been loaded. i there4 need a to develop a separate movie to call the main movie. the separate movie is to be the preloader movie.

please help me in developing this movie. i know i need to use ‘loadmovienum’ parameter. i also want to use the ‘getbytes’ parameter aswell.
what do i need to do in order for this to work?

Whats your code for your preloader?? There are lots in the tutorial section and all over the site if all you need is how to make a preloader…

this is the code for my preloader movie

frame 1
loadMovieNum(“index2.swf”, 1);

frame 2

frame 3
actBytes = _level1.getBytesLoaded() || 0;
totBytes = _level1.getBytesTotal() || 100;
percent = Math.round(actBytes * 100 / totBytes);

if( totBytes - actBytes > 10){
bar._xscale = percent;

frame 4

as you can see the preloader is suppose to load the main movie (index.swf). while it is doing so the preloader should do its thing


some say it works others say it doesnt. when i test it it doesnt work. not sure if it only works mx 2004 actionscript 2.0 and flash player 7

i m using mx with flash player 6 and it doesnt seem to work

Who says the preloader works?? It shouldn’t because there isn’t a stop sign from frame 3 to 4, so it should just go straight to 4. Anyways, like i said:

preloader tutorials here at kirupa:


and lots on the forum search…

no where in that link you gave does it have a tute about a preloader loading a different swf. it talks about loading movie on the next frame. different types of loading and thats it. notihng to say 'this is a tutorial to teach you how to have one swf/file be a preloader for another swf/file.

anyone who can point me in that particular direction i would be most grateful

Then you could’ve tried typing something else in the search…


*Originally posted by buzzby *
anyone who can point me in that particular direction i would be most grateful **

I think that this is what you are after.


thanks for your help on this.

i just cleared out my cache and looked at this. FANTASTIC MATE. it works.
it has been baffling me for so long

your help is much appreciated