I am mad

i just found out that doteasy doesnt support PHP, but only if i pay 60 bucks, i get it. now i cant even do a email form, or a forum.
this makes me mad!!!

does any one know where i could get a forum that does not use php:hat:

do you know asp?

i could learn it.:slight_smile:

just set up an account here: http://www.tripod.lycos.co.uk/

they give you a database and php support. then just link from your site to this one…

lol so im going to have to upload every single file by hand. :slight_smile:

they don’t have an FTP?

yeah they have FTP so you can just FTP the files up…


thanks jubba:tb:

YES… READ: http://www.tripod.lycos.co.uk/myaccount/freehosting/

but with there ftp program, im still going to have to upload by hand. lol

d00d get a new host when you go to renew…www.dr2.net