I am new here and I have a problem about loading text

Hello every one, I am new here :slight_smile:

I have already read the articles about loading text from external files to dynamic text field, but I still have problem reading the chinese characters.

I have put the ‘System.useCodePage=true;’ in my script already, but I still see those junk letters while I was browsing it with a window 95 (Emg version) and IE5.5 (Chinese font support).

On the other hand, it is ok when I browse the site with a Window 2000 (Chinese version of course) and IE6.X

I wonder is this a limitation or is this related to where I put the ‘System…’ line?? I put this line in the 1st line of all action script that load external text …:hair:

System.useCodePage uses the default Unicode or Tradition code pages of the operating system, so it is not a problem with Flash, it is that the operating system viewing it doesn’t have those characters.

Let me see if I can find info on it… … ::elevator music::…

ah here we go ::turns off elevator music::


Thanks a lot … seems like useCodepage only tell Flash player to use(or not) the system traditional code page…So if I am using a eng version windows there is no way to do it :frowning:

If you are using a chinese font maybe if you embed the font in your file it will work??? Not sure, but worth a try.

In your flash movie right click on your textfield that will be using your font (you may have to do this for multiple textfields if they use it), click on “Properties” to open the properties panel, now in there you will see a button that says “Character…”, click on that and choose to embed the font outlines for all characters.

If this doesn’t work, then I have no clue what to tell you man, sorry. Well exept for writing your text on images and exporting those images into Flash :-\