I am so heated


Last night at like 8pm my boss tells me (yes I was still at work) hey I need you to print out postcards for me. I’m like dude I’ve been working since 7:30 am with no lunch break because of all the printing we had to do today (the print guy is on vacation).

He insists that is HAS to be printed because he’s taking them with him at the end of the night.

So I agree (unwilling fully). Turns out there are major file problems - it won’t RIP onto our press so I do a few things to fix it. It’s now 9pm.

I print the job and cut everything down - 10pm.

I tell him they’re done and I go home. I come in this morning and the postcards are still f’ing sitting here.

WTF!!! I swear I’m about to kill this guy. Keep in mind I don’t get payed overtime. MY chick thinks I should just suck it up and not say anything.

But I’m uber pissed. What would you guys do??