I Coulda Died [!]

Well maybe I over exagerated the heading but its pretty freaky. I work part time in a shop at KnoxCity Shopping Centre which is a very large popular shopping center/mall whatever, 3rd biggest in Victoria :D.

Anyway I rang up this morning and told them that I couldnt work because I was sick (hanged over actually lol) they said yeah cool. Well not long ago I drove to Knox as I was going to go do some shoppping but when I got to the shopping center it was completly evactuated, police blocking roads, fire trucks, ambulances everywhere, thousand and thousands of people lined up on grass outside and i didnt know what was going on.

Anyway I arrived home (waste of a 5 minute drive!) and rang my boss and asked him and he told me that there were bombs in the food court and yeah. I was like aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!

Its still going on now as I talk, im not sure if their defused or what but its been going since 11am this morning and its not 3:20pm so thats a long time. I just thought it was weird how I ring up and cancel work and then later find out there was no work because they found bombs. :!:

I found a small article on it: Article Here