I created an Atomz.com search in Flash!

Okay, I think I had a very lucky breakthrough. Download the FLA from "<a href=“http://www.hurricaneeye.com/NisSearch.zip".">www.hurricaneeye.com/NisSearch.zip”.</a> What I did was that once the text input field and the button were created, take your Atomz.com code and switch the two values of “sp-”.

The Atomz.com code for HTML is :

(!-- Atomz Search HTML for timesjlt.com --)
(form method=“get” action="<a href=“http://search.atomz.com/search/")">search.atomz.com/search/”)</a>
(input size=15 name=“sp-q”)(br)
(input type=submit value=“Search”)
(input type=hidden name=“sp-a” value=“sp1001cc56”)
(input type=hidden name=“sp-f” value=“iso-8859-1”)

Now, when you type in the search in HTML, the results page link address (If I search for ****) has a code that looks like this:


Just switch the two values of “sp-” into this:


The “GetURL” function should be your Atomz.com search code like this:


Where “****” will be your input.

Now the only problem I faced, if you look at my FLA, is that my text field input didn’t get added into the “GetURL” function. Which is why when I type in a search and click go, it opens up a browser and tries to get the results, but without the input. There was just a “?” sign.

Now I’m sure one of guys out there can help me out here, but how do I make the text field input part of the “GetURL” function? Again, explain this like I’m a 9 year old, I’m just too much of a beginner at this :slight_smile:


Name your input field “input”.
Put this on your button, it works!

on (release) {
fullUrl = “http://search.atomz.com/search/?sp-a=sp1001cc56&sp-q=”+input;
getURL (fullUrl, “_self”);

Hey man,

Thanks a lot, it finally works :slight_smile:

Kirupa, you might wanna check this out :slight_smile: