I did this tutorial, but I still have a question

Hi Again, since I was helped so succesfully by syko (I am so appreciating that by the way…I was becoming very frustrated!) , I decided to come back with another question! Lucky you!

I finished the full site tutorial made by kirupa…I definitely have a better understanding of actionscript! However, I still need to know a couple of things. I am trying to make my first full flash site and I would like to have a fade out -fade in transition of each page after a button is clicked. I want my menu to remain still but when I click on a button, I want only the body image to change along with appropriate text. How do I do that? Am I jumping the gun by doing too much?

A site that I LOVE the transitions is one I got from here… www.oxygen-productions.com

Click on the portfolio and then one of the projects they have done. When the little window pops up, click on a nother project…the transition is awesome! The site that I am doing, is NOT this technical, I just keep seeing things I like and want to somehow incorporate them into my simple site. Ok, THANKS!!!