I'm uninspired! Help!

I’m supposed to design a site for this club I belong to. The thing is my ideas have run dry and even surfing around doesn’t inspire me much either. What should I do?

Pardon me if this happens to be in the wrong forum I’m still (relatively) new here.

whats the website is all about? what kinda club you’re talking about?

When I’m designing a layout I usually start out on paper first. Sometimes I look at other sites, but not to copy them, it just helps to create ideas.


anyways… watch linux screensavers, that’s how I get ideas :smiley:

well… once

I’d like to know what type of club this is too. I’m sure we could throw some great ideas your way.

When I’m feeling uninspired (which hasn’t happened in awhile thankfully knock on wood) I’ll take pictures of random objects and screw around with them in PS. If that doesn’t work I’ll ban myself from my computer for a day.

the best thing to do is completly forget about the project for a while… get away from the computer or just stop working on it.


Thanks for all the suggestions guys! The club is air rifle. But for high school. I want something cheerful, not corporate, and interesting. I must also mention that my photoshop skills are quite abysmal, I’m hopeless at art. And my Flash skills are ok and I can script some but not very much. This sounds very sad, I know, but I’m working at it.

I’ve sth of an idea which is to use a bg image, with a semi-transparent menu bar, and stuff opens up in those draggable window things that the user can close. Very well-worn idea, I know, but I’m a blank right now. Any other better ideas?

You gotta get a nice side image of an air rifle. When a link is clicked the trigger pulls and one of those ‘Bang!’ flags comes out. Except instead of Bang you have your content written on the flags. Then when another link is clicked, the flag can either roll back up and go back inside or fall off. Depending on what you want.

You could also do it like a gun shop interface where you have a rack of guns and each one (or some of them) is a link to a certain page in the site.

Hope I’ve given you some ideas.

Cool ideas Gordon, I´ll ask u next time I feel uninspired :smiley:


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Id do something simple, but cartoony. I wouldnt really worry about the navigation, as this sounds like a site that does not really need to be innovative. Id play in flash with some cool fun colours and gun cartoons. Although FlashGordon’s BANG idea is very cool. Id use that also in some small way for the headings, and not the main content. Good luck!

Hm. Nice suggestions. Thanks! I just got an idea. How about pics framed like polaroids? and I could use the ‘photos’ at the bottom of the page as a tracking device for nav. i was dividing the site into ‘work’ and ‘play’. So for work I have a good solid Feinwerkbau, and for the play I have a full power water blaster. How’s that?

Was inspired by one of the backissues of k10. Thanks a million bombingpixels! :angel:


they’re all great