I have a new site!

OK so it’s not so Flashy, but I use a Flash navigation menu and I’m going to put a Flash intro soon like in here: www.uachq.cjb.net

So I got a new layout, a new look, a new message board, and other new features.

If you want to see some of my REAL Flash work, then go to About and look for the link to the Showcase. You’ll find the appropriate links there.

Oh yeah, the site is http://www.uachq.com

umm… hello? anyone?

Uhh dude the link doesnt work… I get a 404 error page??? Send me the right one and I will be happy to look at it :smiley:

Dude, you’re really late… I closed the site already…

The host was really crap so I’m looking for another one…

Anyone can recommend me something good for free, except Brinkster?

I need something that supports ASP, ASP Mail component, MS ACCESS DataBases, SSI, CSS. Any help will do!

Here go to this site www.freewebspace.net and go to the advance search and type in anything you want in a free web host and it will find it this site knows all of the free web host!

I know that website. I used it to find Brinkster, but there’s nothing else there…

But LOOK! My domain is working!!

That’s really weird… I thought they cancelled my account because I sent them an offending letter saying that my site’s working worse than free web hosts like Brinkster… Maybe they took it down for a while to make repairs…?
Oh well! Who am I to complain!

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