New site

hey all just started my first flash site and thought i’d let u check it out tell me what u think but be nice its my first attempt


Hi, whats the URL:bandit:

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


forgot that

Its not in a html page yet just in the swf coz it isnt finished so its a bit jerky

when clicked this site says its unavailable for viewing:bandit:

When the mouse is placed over the coloured navigation circles, the labels that appear are hidden by the cursor.

That’s not the problem, the link you posted is wrong. When you click the link we are taken to a geocities page that says

This page is not available.
We’re sorry, but this page is currently unavailable for viewing.

If you copy and paste it works though.

Ah, yes, I forgot Geocities doesn’t allow linking of pages. Which is stupid if you ask me. Your site is VERY slow, I think you should speed up your tweens. Also the About Us text is kind of hard to read on that background image.

Hmmm… First of all, the site is very slow.

Second, I feel that since you are a web design company, you need to have something more in Flash. What will make it so that a potential client viewing the internet will choose your firm rather than something like (Yes I know 2a is overused, but it is a good site that does get its message across, and it is the only one I could think of at the moment) You need to add more stuff that shows off what you can do with your work. For example, the navigation is some circles, you need something that people look at in awe, and can say, “I want that done on my site!”

I also think you should check out this site: Color Theory It has some good info on colors, which I think you should look at. I don’t really feel that the title matches with the rest of the site.

Hope that helps! Good start!

cheers guys its only really a web design comp coz i couldnt think of anything else to design my site on to be quite honest im just learnin the basics of a full flash site when im done im gonna be making my current site typhoon extensions into a full flash site but thats along long way off

i wouldnt dream of tryin to take on the mighty 2advanced coz they kick arse

thanks for the feedback gonna try and do sum bits and bobs now