I have a question about local hosting w/ frontpage

It says in frontpage that you need windows 2000 or NT can i host a webpage locally with WINDOWS XP? It also says that Win 95,95 and ME are not compatible…any help would be appreciated.

The server requirements have been upped for FP2002. You need to host them on a server running Windows 2000. I believe there is the Personal Web Hosting feature, but I’m not sure if it was phased out in FrontPage 98/2000.

I did try to install the FrontPage Server Extensions on my XP comp, and I was unable to. For example, this site runs on Windows 2000 with the Internet Information Server (IIS) software. Windows XP/9X/ME don’t support the IIS features.

ok thanks…that helped

I was wondering how do u host a webserver with FrontPage 2002
i am a newbie hehehehe
plz help!!! and sorry for postin it in the wrong topic!!