Frontpage 2002 server extensions

Well I finished my frontpage web only to find out that my ISP doesn’t have the necessary extensions to enable me to submit my webpage. Frontpage keeps telling me it can’t publish the pages and that I have to use an ftp program to do so.

My question is how much of a formatting loss would there be in my webpage if I decide to go ahead and publish this web anyway? I am just curious as I might have to redesign the pages and to be honest I really don’t want to do that. My ISP is excellent in every way apart from this.


Do check out “faster than light, Bullet Proof FTP”, It’s a fantastic ftp program and it is free for 30 days. I think it’s 29.99 to buy a serial number for it.
I know that doesn’t solve your problem, but I’ve used both Front page and DreamWeaver for a while now and have found both of their FTP systems to be poor at best.

ftlbp, is the best program I’ve found for the cost.

Hey Bolero,
You can FTP it easily without any noticeable differences. The primary areas you will see problems is if you use any of the following:

1.)Hit Counters
2.)Include Page Components
3.)FrontPage Search
4.)Shared Borders
5.)Themes (sometimes they do work in non FP servers)
6.)Navigation links using FP’s Link Bar

In short, many of the features found under FrontPage 2002’s Insert Components require the presence of a FP2002 Server Extensions. If you did not use anything that might be too FP specific, I am fairly certain it will work in your non-FP server!

I might get a free FTP program and try sending it to my ISP that way. I can only think that the theme and navigation bar are my problems.

I will put it in and if it turns out looking weird I will let you know.

Thanks guys!!!

Ok I uploaded it using the ftp program I downloaded and frontpage warned me that about 5 different things I used on my website will no view properly. When I type in the web address it doesn’t show up yet, I hope it’s not lost into the ether.

I will assume that the website takes a while for my ISP to add it. I thought it would kinda show up instantly.

I will let you know if it shows up and how it looks.

Thanks again.

Ok, this should be my last post on the matter…I managed to load it using FTP program and I have a living breathing website. Thanks for your help.

P.S. The formatting doesn’t seem to have suffered at all even though the server doesn’t have the frontpage extensions. I must have got lucky.

that helps me too thanks

Cool Flash effects everyone has, I hope it’s that easy to create for me. I am learning to use the program and it might take me a while but I will get there!!!