I have decided to Rejoin the Human Race

Welcome back phil. Nice to know you are human again:P

can the rest of us get together and vote on this?



What rev u dont thinjk we should let him back in. Mabye we can put him through INITIATION:evil:

I’m not saying he shouldn’t be let back in, but can we get a consensus at least? :stuck_out_tongue: I mean he does want to take over the world… :-\ Isn’t that my job? :stuck_out_tongue:


You guys are both to late. Operation “sindom” started last night. I will be in control by next week. I’m still looking for some henchmen if u guys want the job. Lots of women and money in it for ya:P

Did someone say ‘initiation?’ I’ll get the paddles…

Welcome back dude :slight_smile: Hope you enjoy your stay!

I started a poll. Cast your vote at
The Phil vote 2002

I’m not sure if he can handle the human race…


haha. i started small. last week operation Dipiville started. we have 10 of 2.700 nukes that the US owns. this means that we have over half of the nukes. and we have one aimed at the 3 major countries, Thialand, Siberia, and Hawaii. *crowd gahsps:o *. and we will fire 78 of our 10 nukes by 1: on today! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

oh yeah, and phil is a threat to this, but then again so is SinTax. oh well. i will just have to block the sun from view elminating all the horses, which will kill the indians, which will in turn let the cowboys runin the mid-west to west, which will kill the trees, which will hurt the Oxygen, which will make the dogs not breathe good, and in turn will make little girls cry and no longer have babies, and poof, there goes the human race! MWAHAHAHAHQHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Mabye mdipi.com should be kicked out and phil take his spot. I think he might be more of a threat than phil. mdipi.com is only 13 and phil is like 30 or 40. Who has way more time on there hand than a 13 year old


That scene always creeped me out in the Superman movies, when the villians were confined to that 2d prison. Fortunately Superman was able to put the beatdown on them, even the woman.

Superman 2 was just on the other day. That movie was so well done at the time. Now it just doesn’t look the same. My eyes have been spoiled by CGI. Man it must have been hard to make movies like that then.

…Until Now.

did you make that lol?if you did…kill yourself! right now!

no i had nothing to do with the creation of that. I just thought it was ■■■■ funny, so i posted it.

lol ok. btw, you cant kick me out! i own 55% stock in the human race! duh! where have you guys been?!

no, i just hate the way he dances…pisses me off.

Actual the song that goes a long with that is called watching spiderman will make u gay. ive seen that before and it kills me every time.