I have returned! buahaha

Ive been gone for a long time and im sure no one remembers who i am, so… yeah… :hat:

I don’t know you, but I like the laugh…


Hey, I remember you… You’ve got to be the younger Flasher I’ve ever seen :slight_smile:

Your profile dosn’t say how old you are and Im curious… :-\

Agreed pom!

I remember u 2, Firedrake… vaguely… but the name’s in my head for sure… hmm…

Oh what the h*ll… time for bed…

I thought you never had to sleep? :crazy:

I saw firedrake’s age in the “introduce yourself” thread. His 13 years old. I’m 14 and I know a 9 year old who uses flash (my cousin). If this post is of any relevance.

surprizing people still remember me :stuck_out_tongue:

How can we forget you firedrake? hehe =)