I just don't get it

I just don’t get it :h: First of all I don’t understand at all - how can and why do people plagiarize other people’s ideas and works? I mean look at this! Isn’t it just disgusting? You will probably go “Phat you’re f’ing crazy, this site is awesome!”. Is it really? Well, then look at [URL=http://www.spangemacher.com]this one then. Now this is awesome. This one is the original. The authors worked on this site, they thought, they created ideas. But the author of the first one (the copy) just takes it and puts it as his own work! It just makes me wonder :sigh: Doesn’t he think people will see both sites?

It just makes me mad because I really like the original site, I saw it a while ago and thought it was a great one (most of you will probably agree with me). And when I stumble over the pirated one on the net today, it just p!$ses me off! :a: And plus as if that’s not enough, this site gets f’ing featured on the CoolHomePages!!! :scream: