I need major help... Text Scroll Bar in Flash 5.0?

Im using flash 5.0 , my site is nowhere near finished, i barely started but im stuck on one major part of the main page.\r\rI have a news section on the mainpage in the middle of the layout. I want this news to be able to scroll way down as i add more news in future. I dont want it to come out of the Layout, or have to scroll down the whole page. I want only the text to be scrollable…\r\rHow do i go about doing this ? I saw a tutorial for scroll bar for Flash MX but im using 5.0\r\rAny help would be appreciated. thx\r

www.kirupa.com/developer/…lltext.asp\r\rthis is for Flash 5.

Thank you. I will try to follow it best i can. I hope it works like i need it to.\r