Need Help ... Text Scroll bar in Flash 5.0?

Im using flash 5.0 , my site is nowhere near finished, i barely started but im stuck on one major part of the main page.

I have a news section on the mainpage in the middle of the layout. I want this news to be able to scroll way down as i add more news in future. I dont want it to come out of the Layout, or have to scroll down the whole page. I want only the text to be scrollable…

How do i go about doing this ? I saw a tutorial for scroll bar for Flash MX but im using 5.0

Any help would be appreciated. thx

I answered in the Flash MX forum. You don’t need to post more than once. We all check all the forums.

BTW Argo-
Welcome to Kirupa! Good to see ya? There is a note from Kirupa in Random asking people how they found this site, and since your memory is fresh it would be good input to hear, + it would be a great way to get to know a few people around here. Check it out in Random by Kirupa-it should be near the top. But welcome!


So i understand…

You want your news selection in a small window or something which has it own scoller so the user is able to view on their own command? i.e scroll up and down…


Correct, Ill go check it on the Flash MX, i didnt mean to post it there. Happened by accident. Since this is a Flash 5.0 issue i decided to post it again here.

I heard about this site from a friend. I am in a big Everquest Guild, and posted my problem on our message boards, he sent me a link to this site.

Hey argos, this is exactly what you’re looking for.

go here:…ndex.shtml

Farout, there is sooooooo much scripting in that one that u send 12halos…
Chubba helped me make the same thing but with MUCH less scripting. I dont know if he has a tutorial for it though… u might wanna ask him.