I need some help

Hi, i’m not sure if its possible in Flash5, but is there any way to get a message box to pop up or something close to it, if so can someone please tell me how

What is it you want to do, do you want an html or chromeless window to pop up when a user clciks a button ? If so there are some goof tutes on this site that will explain it to you.
If you just want some text to appear try this :
Create a new mc, inside the mc type your message, drag the mc on stage, give it an instance name ( say) messageBox, click on message box and open the movie clip actions panel and put this code :
[AS] onClipEvent(load){
this._visible = 0;

// then on your button

messageBox._visible = 1;
messageBox._visible = 0;

You might want to check my syntax as it is a while since I worked in 5 or used a flash button

Hope it helps