I wanna have a popupscreen! :D

Hello peepz,

Question about popupscreens in flash.

I have a simple button inside a flashmovie, now I want when I click on the button a new htmlpopupscreen appears w 700px h 600 px.
How can I create this in flash.

I allreday tried the action getURL (“popup.swf”, “_top”);
, but then it’s filled over a whole htmlpage and I just want to create a popup, eventually without the statusbar and other bars…

Is it possible?

Thx, by the way great forum here!!!
It really helps flashnoobs like me out… :rambo:

Check out the tutorial on www.kirupa.com labeled, “Chromlesss window”. Kirupa details how there. If you have a question about the tutorial, once you’ve gone through it, ask in the “tutorials” forum. It’s more likely that Kman will see it there and reply.

thx David, the tutorial worked out ok! =)