I need some opinions on colors

Ok, feel free to trash this as much as you want, its basically just a page to give the owner of this company some color schemes to choose from because the bastard isn’t making up his mind.

here’s the page…personally I like the blue and grey one…I think the others are kind of…well…blah…

click here now to criticize Jubba

let me know what you think…I am trying to do something that hasn’t been done, over and over and over and over…unfortunatly…almost everything has been done over and over and over…

Also, the layout is nothing like what you see on those SWFs…those were made in like 5 minutes just to get a feel for the colors.

The green and Red is out. The blue and grey caught my eye, as well as the grey and grey and the orange and blue. I like the orange and blue the 2nd best, it could be my first pick if you were to place a white text field into it. That would offset the darkness and I have seen a lot of sites that look great with that scheme. But as it is I am with you, the blue grey is the nicest as it sits right now, IMO.


blue and gray all the way jubba! :slight_smile:

i ddin’t like how the green one acme out…but it looked before I published it. i think the owner wants grey grey…

ok then…gray and gray all the way jubba!

That was my 2nd choice anyway :slight_smile:

Kiss-ass! :wink: Your just saying that Kirupa, cause I picked the orange and blue, admit it! :lol:


Either grey/grey or blue/grey.

Notjub, there are some great color books available for website color schemes. Even Pantone has one.

I know they may seem “what’s-the-point-ish” but they can actually be quite inspiring. Color should be important, not a detail.

(P.S. Thanks for making that link _blank!)


thanks T2D, well the owner finally decided on a color scheme, take a look at what he wants. Again, this isn’t the layout, its just the colors that he wants used. And he wants a hidden menu, so I was trying something with a pull-chain type effect…

click here

Nice, but how about actually pulling the chain ?

pom 0]

yeah Pom, I was getting to that…I was trying to throw it together fast so I could get the owner to see it. I don’t know if he likes it…but whatever…