Just wondering

Hey everyone, just wanted to hear what some peoples favorite color combinations are, for web, print, animations, logos etc. Just any combo that you keep going back to, and will always enjoy. I’ve always been partial to blues, greys, and very dark reds.


I like blues, however, I feel they are overused on the web. However, they look good with tons of sites so it is not that I don’t enjoy blue sites. (Blue is the color of my own) I also like dark reds, maybe with a black and white combination would be nice… I’m not too good on colors. Check this link out:

Color Theory

It has some good stuff on how to choose colors.


My personal favorites are blue/grey haha (shocking ehh?). I especially like to add small blurbs of strange and unique colors such as the forum icons on the main page. I prefer blue/gray/white for informational sites because it just makes the content seem easier to read.

Btw: Brad, your site is looking really nice. You seem to have modified sections of it since the last time I checked =)

Kirupa :rambo:

Well… instead of telling you what I like… let me point you to a couple of places. I think they will help you in the future (they always help me)




Can’t wait to see what you produce next!

I used to like black & white, but I’ve quickly begun realising that they make for bland, unprofessional-looking websites. I don’t have any specific preferences now, but my opinion essentially comes down to “low-key pastels”.

Hey thanks Kirupa. I have taken a break from updating my site for about a week just to cool off, but I’ll be putting stuff in the works section soon. (After I finish some backend stuff.)


For something that’s pure entertainment, without any need to make money, I go with reds on black. For professional sites, I use white backgrounds with colors that match the theme. As you can see with animation.centerspin.com I enjoy blue/green colors a lot. The aqua colors are soft on the eyes, and are recognized by the human eye as organic in feel… living… breathing… It seems to work well with Flash which is also a very living breathing feeling product.

well made point david… I never really thought about that, but you are completely right about the organic feel of such softer colors… great posts everyone!