I-Robot Review

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I jsut got back and it was pretty entertaining. The CGI is done pretty well, some scenes seemed a bit work on the green screening as it didn’t look seemless.

I thought the acting was well, if you like Independence day then you’ll like this. It’s pretty similar Will Smith kind of movie he’s just fighting robots instead of aliens.

Also since I’m an audi fan I loved all the cars. It looks like Audi bought this movies as GM bought the Matrix.

Did anybody else see it yet?

One thing that got on my mind, was that in everysingle action movie, there is always one person who saves the world/country etc. Ever think of that? In I,Robot, Will Smith saved the world, obviously with a side kick, but mostly him. In Matrix, Spiderman (Or any hero movie, for obvious reasons), Underworld, Transporter, etc etc.
Just wanted to share some of my thoughts…

Hollywood my friend.

I haven’t seen the movie yet but I didn’t like the CGI on the trailers. The robot faces seemed wrong. Not friendly (they should be in the beginning). Nothing like Asimov’s bots (like R Daneel Olivaw or whatever his name is)

i wanna see this soo bad! :cool:

The Robot faces are very friendly. Especially the “main” robot that the story seams to revolve around. He shows a ton of emotion with just his facial movements and such. Trust me, he looks very friendly.

What is with young people nowadays and their overweening inclination to compare everything to the Matrix?

Grim actually is in his mid to late twenties and has a few little grims running aroung to.

It was a movie that defined a generation. Is that not enough a reason to refer and compare to it?

Why do I feel like buy’n allstar shoes after watching this movie…

and owning a JVC system… and buying a AUDI… HMmmm

I think the allstar shoes where a tad over done :stuck_out_tongue:

My friend told me it was like that anime ghost in the shell in some sense. I haven’t seen either i robot or gits, is it at all?

No it’s not like ghost in the shell.
I’ve seen both, and there is barley a link. But you really have to see it!

i’m seeing this tongiht :slight_smile:

anime = cool. Anyone here seen Akira? That movie kick MAJOR butt.

yeah akira was alright.

seen it! I have it on DVD :slight_smile:

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Ethan, you still have some questions for me bro?

Has anybody who’s already seen this movie also read the original series? Sushisource, I know you mentioned it, have you seen the movie yet? I just want to know exactly how far off from the actual story the movie goes. I’d probably rather not see it if it’s a movie that would cause Asimov to spin in his grave. :stuck_out_tongue:

The only similarities between Asimov’s book and the movie are the name “I, Robot” and the three laws. At the end of the movie, it even says “suggested by” Asimov’s book. Not to say it’s a bad movie. I actually liked it a lot. But don’t expect it to be anything like the book “I, Robot.” Funny thing is, when I went to B&N to read it before I saw the movie, there was a picture of Will Smith on the cover.
I haven’t read the other books, so I couldn’t tell you if any of them relate to the movie or not.

It sounds the movie is too great :snug:

I’m so excited to see this movie, but it’s not out here yet :frowning:


…sort of off topic…
I saw ghost in the shell. It was good
looks for anime thread; starting one if their isn’t one…


So have enough people seen this yet, so we can start discussing with Spoilers?