I Robot

new sci-fic Will Smith movie teaser trailer:


I can’t wait… I think its weird how they mixed I Robot it with r. daneel olivaw…

I Robot is one of the Isaac Asimov books, which incidently are really good… they actually present a more “believable” world with robotics & AI than most other books of their kind.

I can’t wait :wink:

Asimov was and still is lightyears ahead of all SciFi writer. I reread the whole of his collection each year…

I love the author - I hope the movie will be as good as the asimov story…

I just hope it won’t be some kind of funny version of “A.I.” (the Spielberg movie)

If humans wern’t lazy before, we will be now. Looks pretty cool.

I’ve been meaning to read some of Asimov’s stuff, but haven’t yet. I have read Orson Scott Card’s “Ender’s Game” “Ender’s Shadow” and “Shadow of the Hedgemon” all good.

Shadow puppets… read that one… it’s awesome…
I’m currently reading Children of the Mind… the last book on the ender saga.

Incidentally… Filming for Ender’s Game starts in 2005!