Unreal Kirupians?

First of all: please don’t move this thread to Computers & Games or something like that, coz I already created one there a while ago =)

The reason I made a new one here, is because the one in C&G didn’t get much attention and I thought lots of people don’t go in there very often.

So I’m just asking who here in Kirupaville likes to play UT2K3 online, and if you do, maybe we could all join once and play against each other. It’d be cool to play some Kirupians :slight_smile:

I know there are some amongst you who do, but maybe don’t visit the C&G section, so that’s why I’m asking you here.

Come on people, don’t be shy, step forward :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t. But I’m gonna use this thread to find Battlefield 1942 buddies :beam: (and remove that stupid thing in my footer)

[size=1].::Battlefield 42 Cult Member #1 (out of 1)::.[/size]
Hahaha :lol: Poor guy.
Sure, go ahead, as long as it doesn’t get hi-jacked into some BF-thread :wink:

I don’t. But I’m gonna use this thread to find Battlefield 1942 buddies
Im on for an hour or two almost every night. Usually play DC. Thunder Muffin is the name, Im an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. :wink: … and I like muffins.

Sure, go ahead, as long as it doesn’t get hi-jacked into some BF-thread

I thought everyone moved on to UT2K4 already?

I play Unreal Tournament 2004. I rarely play online since I’m still refining my skill(z).

Unreal 2k4, Havent played in a while, waiting for a better pc (eg better ram and grafix) I will start up again soon, just as long as i manage to stop playing runescape for 5 hours a day :frowning: (It’s the most addictive game ever!)

El, I´ll install my unreal this week, maybe I can start teaching u how to play :bad: (j/k, in fact I suck!)

Thierro, I have the latest version of UT2K3 and I can find only 6 CTF servers. Is this normal?

I didn’t buy UT2K4…yet probably.

@ Berko: cool man, lemme know when you did.
@ Total: noh, that’s not normal :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe it also depends what time you check.

onslaught r0xx0rs your b0xx0rs (as my little brother would put it… what a n00b). Its the defining reason to own UT2K4. Actually, thats all I play now. CTF… sometimes, though Im itching to get some VCTF maps.

Jezus Christ, looks like the whole friggin’ world owns UT2K4 now. Don’t tell me not one of you hasn’t got 2003 anymore :m:

well, I do play onslaught mostly myself (not instagib though) :frowning:
but I’d like to play 2003 with you sometime if we ever manage to get online at the same time :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway the main reason most 2003 players went over to 2004 is probably that people who own 2003 got a discount on 2004… but I can’t believe that there’s really only 6 ctf servers online…

[size=4]YOU GET A DISCOUNT ON 2004?!?!?!?[/size]

And I wasn’t informed? Lol, seriously, I didn’t know that…

Seriously, is it true and how do you get it? :beam:

And nope, I played like two hours ago and there were at least 30 servers…

30 - that’s nothing man. before 2004 came out there were 300 at least. and there’s still a lot of ut (original) servers. seems like 2003 is reaaaally unpopular :frowning:

because… ITS OLD! :slight_smile: get 2004, its fun, its all the UT you know and love with some added bonuses… at least thats how I see it.

I’m still wondering about the discount… I’ve tried googling for it, and I ended up with this whole discussion about it on some ATARI forum. Does any one of you have more information/experience about it?

I dont know if its still valid, but you had to send in your UT2K3 disk (I think) to get the discount… something a lot of people didnt want to do - something I probably wouldnt have done, so I think a lot missed out on it. Again, it might not even matter now; I would assume it was a limited time offer. I could be wrong though.

Send in your DISC?!?

What the?

Yeah, they can keep their discount then. My precious disk isn’t leaving this house, certainly not with that crooked post office we have here :stuck_out_tongue:

No, you send in the front cover of the 2003 manual.

I hated doing that :frowning:

thats not so bad then :crazy:

does it still work thor? do you know?