I want your comments!

this is my pic, that i totally changed up in PS.:cap:
its my first real photo manip…so i hope you can give me
some honest feedback.

[sorry for blurry text, its not supposed to be that blurry, the “save for web” thing messed it up.]

Well, the blurry text kind of hurts my eyes, even though it goes with the rest of the photo, which is pretty cool. :thumb:

i like it… I dont see any big problems.

it would look better with a crisp bitmap font. Like an implied contrast. But it is cool.

can you give me an example of a bitmap font pweez?


or look in the pixel fonts section of bluevertigo.com

be sure to use them correctly…not anti alias, must be a certain size, place on a absolute position, and no bolding or anything like that

im new with this sorta stuff, what is anti alias? what certain size? what is an absolute position?


Anti-Alias, is an option you can turn off and on, on your fonts. For bitmap and pixel fonts it needs to be off.
Alias is just another word for pixelized…

Size, is usually 8pt or multipes of 8.

Absolute, which doesn’t really apply in PS but… means instead of like x=10.06 it needs to be x=10.

ok, thanks simplistik!

i need a suitable title for this, would mind the gap be good?

yeah ruski… i love messing around with polar cordinates… make ssome real awesome things… good job. it looks almost like you are flying down a city street at night… but its so fast you can’t see anything clearly…
Good job :smiley: