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hi peeps,

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anyone know how you stop the ‘d’ and ‘b’ having a fill in them :*( its those darn ‘pixel’ fonts or what ever they’re called :-, anyway thats really annoying me how evry time i type a d or b its got a fill :-\ anyway

hope you can help :slight_smile: thanks…

Pixel fonts need to be written in a dynamic text field to prevent anti aliasing.

Either that or you have a Photoshop Pixel font and not a Flash Pixel font. Flash pixel fonts literally lay each pixel on an exact pixel and thus you need to make sure the _x and _y locations aren’t decimal numbers. Photoshop pixel fonts only need NOT to be anti aliased and they work fine.

Also… I swear I saw that exact layout in an old Site Check post…hmmm…was that you?

PS: I deleted the other thread on this topic. Please only post one thread per topic.

hey lost,

yeh that was me, it used to be black & white, but i totally changed it…!

cheers for the help…:slight_smile:

I like it much better with color. I thought it was very bland as black and white.

yeh, still needs alot of work :-\ i’ll get there one day and have myself an amazing flash site :stuck_out_tongue: (fingers crossed)…:slight_smile:

cheers :slight_smile:

Good Luck :beam: